Our Objectives

Due to population growth in the Eastern Saudi Arabia today and in support with the government recent decision to provide housing needs of the citizens. THARAA has to provide housing requirement to all citizens of the Eastern Province at the affordable price by designing a residential units that can be fit within the majority of the citizens' budget needs.



Housing Units Development

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Co. has started developing a number of housing projects with smart and creative designs such as:

  • Closed Housing Complex
  • Villas and Flats
  • Smart Housing Quarters



Commercial and Housing Towers Development

Tharaa Real Estate Investment’s goal is to become a leader in building, managing and operating smart commercial and housing towers.



Industrial Projects Development

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Co. undertakes projects of industrial development as top priority examples:

  • Modern industrial areas with complete services
  • Housing utilities and industrial areas services
  • Warehouses and storage areas



Land Development

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Co. has drawn up the modern concepts and plans, for raw land development projects which aim to dry desert areas into wonderful pieces of land.

The Company adopts high engineering standards and provides infrastructure services suitable for housing.



Commercial Project Development

Tharaa Real Estate Investment Co. has drawn up a study plan to make it possible for the company to enter the huge mall and commercial complex development market. The plan provides for distinctive architectural styles suitable for the customs and traditions of Saudi society.



Tourism Projects Development

The Eastern Province has distinguished tourist landmarks thanks to its proximity to the Arabian Gulf Coast. Therefore, the company has drawn up a plan to undertake the development of various tourist projects such as entertainment cities, tourist resorts and modern high-quality beach cabins. To do so, the company works with number of international companies specializing in tourist project management.